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  2. Mithai dabba. Aur batao


  3. Shit PR agencies play….

    Shit PR agencies play….

    During my career, I have had the good fortune of working with the best of PR consulting & agencies, who always delivered and more; if not, accepted the mistake and ensure that it was not repeated.

    Today we have ‘Free Lancers’ as the next agency, working with clients who are also looking at Project work and cheap at that too.

    Thanks to my so called food love, which I tweet, write, blog about; I…

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  4. The day has been so bad. That I have to accept this.

  5. A friend who consistently for the past 5 years sends me a bottle though he does not drink whiskey. Am so Bleddy lucky.

  6. Restaurants/food delivery trolling me. At these prices!!! WHY WOULD I ORDER?

  7. Just when I thought my day and Surtiness could not get worse. Soam strikes again with 12% expensive Oondhiyu

  8. Election Announcement

  9. Happened to me yesterday. Please feel free to use.

  10. This one is for @scissortongue