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  2. The Seller of Beliefs

    The Seller of Beliefs

    A young lady Trishala D Shah reached out to me by email a while back with a polite request if I would like to read her first attempt at writing.

    She also agreed to my terms and conditions of time, writing with regard to the book. Soon enough the book was delivered by the publisher.

    Opened the book, the first glance front and back, made me want to put it back in the cover and send it back – the…

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  3. Fried Dumplings made out of mixed flour of Wheat & millet. Fresh ground masala. Aka Desai Vada #meinbhichef

  4. Patra fried in electric fryer. #meinbhichef

  5. Mcain corn stuff. Fried using the electric fryer. #meinbhichef

  6. Pattice fried using electric fryer. #meinbhichef

  7. Phase 4 - Pattice covered with Ragda, Two kinds of chutney, onions. Ready to eat. #meinbhichef

  8. Phase 3 - Pattice ready for consumption. With Ragda; sandwich/burger or alone. #meinbhichef

  9. Phase 2 - Fry them using the new Electric Fryer NOT Air Fryer #meinbhichef

  10. Phase 1 - Made pattice. Aloo with bit of salt and chilly. #meinbhichef