1. Current thoughts on meeting one gentleman.

  2. Truth

  3. Railway na fatak…..

  4. Nice.

  5. Sigh!

  6. This week.

  7. Bunny Chow. Looks super. Want to try but Navratri intervenes. #MeSoHappi

  8. NaMo Satya.


  9. Gangaur - a bit of Calcutta in Bombay

    Gangaur – a bit of Calcutta in Bombay

    Gangaur in Bombay is located in Juhu, ahead of Punjab Grill and Tewari. It was a nondescript place, where I had tried some stuff a while back and never gone back. And No I am not a fan of Tewari too.

    Bru World Cafe – probably their largest place operates next door and is quite a favorite for working undetected and in peace. Some months ago, stepping out at around 4ish and feeling mighty peckish,…

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  10. And @falgunshah2 sends this in answer.